Apr 062013

Okay, now this is interesting yet mysterious. NC has a page, apparently, at the Utne Reader Altwire site. We’ve been picked by the editors as an “influencer” and they aggregate our Twitter feeds. Being called an “influencer” is strangely daunting but pleasant. We are in the “mainstream radar” and “hand picked to follow” — music to our ears. On the the other hand, we have a “mojo” rating of 14 (out of a thousand) — time to bring the whip to the masthead.


 Click here for the NC “raw feed” as they call it.


Some  explanation gleaned from elsewhere on the site.

About Utne AltWire

AltWire is an aggregator of new ideas and perspectives that allows users to track what other people are reading. The software follows hundreds of groups and individuals picked by Utne editors, and records the links they tweet from a variety of sources. So, when the National Resources Defense Council tweets a story about Obama’s environmental policy from OnEarth Magazine, it pops up here. Fully searchable and updated constantly, AltWire is a powerful tool to see what’s happening below the mainstream radar right now.

What are those Influencers toward the top of the page?

These are people and groups that Utne editors have hand picked to follow on Twitter. Many of them, like Tom Philpott and Jay Rosen, are flesh-and-blood reporters and academics. Others, like Grist Magazine and NASA, are publications and agencies that sometimes tweet stories before they have a chance to reach headlines (we assume there’s a flesh-and-blood person behind NASA’s Twitter feed, but you never know). When one of our Influencers tweets about a new study or news article, you can see it here.

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