Jun 012017

In the slider at the Top of the Page this month, we pay homage to the work of Contributor Frank Richardson, the Frank Richardson of the modest two-line bio and the comical author photo, the Frank Richardson who since he first appeared on these pages in November 2014 has quietly and modestly made himself nearly indispensable. He is the quintessential Numéro Cinq reviewer, a terrific writer with his own style, an astute reader, and a knowing analyst, able to tease out and explicate the essential innovations of form and technique in any author he turns to. Take some time this month and linger over the slider and read all of Frank’s pieces. There isn’t one that can’t teach you a thing or two. And then go back and read his first contribution to the magazine, that lovely essay “The Art of the Long Sentence” (November, 2014).

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  1. A quiet but lovely set of adjectives that our culture should use more often. Pardon the brief slide into the political, but “modest” and “indispensable” are apt descriptors for many of those who are most committed to our #Resistance movement. Librarians, database managers, scientists, park rangers wandering amongst the bunny rabbits, all are doing their part.

    Cheers and looking forward to becoming even more familiar with Mr. Richardson’s work.

    Maureen Murphy (“Moe Murph”)

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