Feb 282017

Our eminent and irrepressible senior editor, Fernando Sdrigotti, has a new book out today! A collection of stories entitled Dysfunctional Males. With La Casite Grande Editores. Here’s the publisher copy:

Dysfunctional Males is a collection of five short stories set in contemporary London.

A satirical critique of the weaknesses and obsessions of the ‘stronger sex’, this ambitious work of fiction focuses on the misadventures of its characters to explore life and alienation in a contemporary megalopolis.

At times uproarious, at others pathetic and dark, the fables in the collection share a distinctive atmosphere beyond fantasy and realism, inviting readers to take part in an onward flight that could land them anywhere.

Check out the publisher’s website: Dysfunctional Males by Fernando Sdrigotti — La Casita Grande Editores

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