Mar 222016

Woodard Bigger

As I’ve mentioned before, we’re in the throes of rationalizing, streamlining, and decentralizing the magazine. It’s gotten very large. You may have noticed the masthead. It’s not a cottage industry anymore. We’re a small city. Look at the hundreds of artists and writers who’ve appeared. It’s a lot of keep track of. So the indefatigable Ben Woodard is now going to be in charge of translations at NC. This means he’ll be looking for translators and translations, excerpts of books coming out, interviews, essays about translation, etc. He will continue as one of our most dependable book reviewers as well and also will push ahead with his general interest (and the magazine’s general interest) in African writers and writing. Ben has been contributing to the magazine since his first fiction piece “Shame” appeared in our October, 2011, issue.



Benjamin Woodard lives in Connecticut. His recent fiction has appeared in RevolverMaudlin House, and Cheap Pop. In addition to Numéro Cinq, his nonfiction has been featured in, or is forthcoming from The Kenyon Review OnlineAlternating CurrentGeorgia Review, and other fine publications. He also helps run Atlas and Alice Literary Magazine. You can find him at and on Twitter.

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