Mar 012016


We’re featuring the contributions of Jeff Bursey who has only been here just over a year but has already had a massive influence on the NC culture. We’ve published his reviews, of course. That’s his bread and butter job here. But also his fiction and a gorgeous, compendious interview with the novelist Sam Savage. But bey0nd his own words, he has contributed by bringing new writers into the fold, wonderful writers like S. D. Chrostowska and the experimental novelist Larry Fondation. A spectacular instance of this background curating work is the fact that in this issue we have a huge Sam Savage annex, as it were, including an appreciation of the life and work by Jeff himself plus a new Sam Savage short story and an entire book of poems.

Jeff Bursey is a Canadian writer. He lives in Prince Edward Island. He’s indefatigable, lovely to work with, and we’re very, very glad he is part of the crew.

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