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Severn Thompson’s adaptation of my novel Elle goes up at Toronto’s Theatre Passe Muraille this week, preview performances start Thursday. The official world premiere is January 19, already sold out. I’ll be there. And then I will participate in an onstage interview the second night, January 20.

Severn is a wonderful, magical actress. Two years ago she did a trial performance from the opening of the novel in a bare room above a bar in Toronto. Jonah and I were there. It was entrancing. Jonah kept punching me in the shoulder, whispering, “You wrote that!” Severn was doing a monologue in period costume, no other decor but for a straight backed chair, which she was having sex with (some of you will remember that opening scene).

I’ve been watching the script develop. After getting over the initial shock of seeing my 180 pages  shrunk to about 45 pages, I’ve been fascinated, enthralled. The novel to stage adaptation process is not easy AT ALL. But Severn has found her own rhythm and line and the last draft gave me a thrill. Something really happening there. And with her charm and skill as an actress, not to mention the stage effects they have been working on, this should be an extravagant delight.

Watch the Theatre Passe Muraille Facebook page here. Twitter hashtag #ElleTO.




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Elle by Douglas Glover

  6 Responses to “Theatre Passe Muraille’s World Premiere of Elle, the Play, January 19”

  1. Bring this to LA! I wish I could see this!

  2. Congratulations, Doug. It will be a wonderful experience to see the play your novel has become.

  3. What a thrill Doug! Your novel came home from the bookstore with me this morning. I am preparing for a Canadian tour of the play… Hope springs eternal, and all. 🙂

    • Joe, That’s lovely to hear. I trust the play and the book will generate some useful synergies. I’m glad particularly that you’re getting a chance to read it. 🙂

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