Dec 132015

The last time we mentioned Dr. Eilish Cleary, wife of NC Senior Editor Gerard Beirne, she was off in Nigeria and then Sierra Leone as a volunteer fighting the Ebola epidemic (you can see a piece from the Irish Times that we linked to here). At that time she was on leave from her post as Medical Officer of Health for the Province of New Brunswick. She returned to Canada and life went on as normal until roughly two weeks ago when she was summarily and without a published reason put on forced leave and then fired. This is a very murky and nasty political mess. The government line is that this is an HR issue and they can’t say a word. But Eilish has always been a smart and vociferous critic of fracking and just when she was fired she was doing research on the herbicide glyphosate which is extensively used in New Brunswick by the vast J. D. Irving Ltd. forestry company and by NB Power.

Eilish is a  fine person and a friend, she and Gerry both, and I finally can’t let this one go by without mentioning it to the NC community.

You can track the news stories here. But the Twitter feed is more lively. Just search her name.

So send a little support, some good wishes. And if you tweet this, add the hashtag #eilishcleary.


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