Nov 272015


I dunno. NC’s a monthly magazine. MONTHLY! What were we thinking? What insanity! What a catastrophe! We need help (psychiatric care, drugs, a month in the Barbados, a ventilator, just to begin with).

To alleviate some of the pressure, Deirdre Baker has quietly been acting in support for a few weeks now (learning the ropes) and is ready to ascend to the masthead. She joins the indefatigable Kathy Para as a production editor. We are hoping Deirdre will be her twin, that the two together will propel us to the next level (whatever that is).

Deirdre has experience as a web editor and copy editor. We’ve never had anything remotely like a copy editor here before. Some of you may have noticed. Also Deirdre is from Waterford. She was two grades behind dg in high school, the same class as dg’s brother. This is probably not remotely interesting. DG could go on and on about the odd little geographical clusters within the masthead, but he won’t.

Please welcome Deirdre.


Deirdre Baker is a freelance web and copy editor living in Toronto. She worked for nearly three decades at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, most recently as manager of the Legislature’s website and intranet. After years of bills, proceedings, debates, policies, and procedures, she is delighted to finally have something interesting to read for work.

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