Dec 062014

Fernando Sdrigotti

It’s a huge pleasure to announce that Fernando Sdrigotti, Argentinian expat living in London, death-oriented belle-lettrist, flâneur, academic, and editor, has joined the NC masthead as a contributing editor.  He has fiction forthcoming in the January issue, but take a look as his recent essays “The Deathtube” and “Legibility,” which give an idea of his bent, the new vector he will bring to NC (think of him as in charge of foreign affairs, exile, displacement and miscegenation).

Fernando Sdrigotti is a writer, cultural critic, and recovering musician. He was born in Rosario, Argentina, and now lives and works in London. He is a contributing editor at 3am Magazine and the editor-in-chief of Minor Literature[s]. His new book Shetlag: una novela acentuada, has just been released by Araña editorial, Valencia. He tweets at @f_sd.


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