Jun 212014

Normally, in this state of mind, I put up a little merengue. But tonight it’s Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band, 1978, the year I was, er, researching events that went into my novel The South Will Rise at Noon, the good old days. We shall not see their like again.


  11 Responses to “Getting a little serious around here: Time to shake things up…”

  1. 1978: I was busy being born.

  2. Guess I figured out my summer reading now… I like a well-researched novel!

    • Gerry, Little known how, um, close to life that book is. I’m still in touch with the bird woman. She lives in Ohio.

  3. “The South Will Rise …” I remember reading and liking that one. I think I should revisit it.

  4. Brings back memories indeed. The woman-associated Seger number for me is “You’re Still the Same.”

  5. I knew a golf caddie from Mississippi who was given as a tip some box seats to a Seger concert at Madison Square Garden, a whole living room with enough space to dance, an open bar, and man, what music and what a party.

  6. Ahhhh…I’m glad I have those nice Altec Lansing speakers hooked up to my laptop. Thanks.

    • Hey, nice to see these comments. I didn’t know I’d strike so many of you. Thank you for the “Ahhhh,” Vivian. 🙂

  7. Hey, Doug. It still gets my toes tapping (though the rest of me isn’t too agile).

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