Jun 162014

It’s a pleasure to announce that Bruce Stone has finally joined the Numéro Cinq masthead officially. I say “officially” because Bruce has long formed part of the shadow masthead, that cohort of friends/writers who contribute now and then without taking the pledge, signing the contract, diving into the deep end. Bruce has already contributed mightily to the magazine, essays on Viktor Shklovsky and Vladimir Nabokov (and yesterday’s piece on Joyce’s Dubliners), essays that speak to the magazine’s core aesthetic. Click on his name to look at his NC Archive Page.



Bruce Stone is a Wisconsin native and graduate of Vermont College of Fine Arts (MFA, 2002). In 2004, he edited a great little book of essays on Douglas Glover’s fiction, The Art of Desire (Oberon Press). His own essays have appeared in MirandaNabokov StudiesReview of Contemporary Fiction, Los Angeles Review of Books, F. Scott Fitzgerald Review and Salon. His fiction has appeared most recently in Straylight and Numéro Cinq. He’s currently teaching writing at UCLA.

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