Apr 162014


Yesterday, Brevity Magazine‘s blog posted Patrick Madden’s short essay detailing Madden’s family outing to Michel de Montaigne’s tower:

The first goal on the Madden Family European Road Trip Vacation (after my semester directing a study abroad program in Madrid) was my own pilgrimage to Montaigne’s tower in the Perigord region east of Bordeaux. We arrived after a long day in the car and were surprised to find a chain blocking the entrance. Turns out the site was closed not just on Mondays, as David Lazar had warned me, but on Tuesdays as well.

What follows is an insightful look at opportunity, charity, and the quests writers take on to complete their work.

Read the rest here. (And read Madden’s NC contribution, “Essay as Evolutionary Advantage (après Borges),” here.)

— Benjamin Woodard

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