Apr 052014

Turned cold, started to snow last night, huge feather-shaped flakes falling in the pools of water, deep pools of slush, am not going outside ever again, all is lost, moribund and obscure. Then I found this post at Distractify (am reading student manuscripts so naturally anything with the word “distract” in it distracts me.





View the rest of the images and text @ Distractify

  3 Responses to “Snowing Outside Again! Somehow This Fits The Mood |The Most Haunting Abandoned Places On Earth @ Distractify”

  1. People live in the top one. A little civilization. They claim they’ve been recognized as a separate state by England.

  2. Yikes. Those photos at Distractify don’t even need spooky music. I looked at them late at night and was completely creeped out – especially by the old asylum, penitentiary, operating room, the underwater Christ figure, clown face at Jazzland….Eek. I watched too many Twilight Zone episodes when I was a kid.

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