Feb 102014


Louise Bak interviews DG this week (February 11) on Sex City, the CIUT-FM radio show that airs Tuesday nights at 11pm (after decent people are in bed) in Toronto. Why he consented to this we have no idea since there is nil sex in his story collection Savage Love, aside from one or two brief, evanescent, glancing, fastidious moments of uncontrollable passion (well, maybe three or four; okay, well, again, no more than 18 — we lost count). If you miss the show, you can listen to it after the fact on the web at the Sex City blog or on their Facebook page. Young people may find it highly instructive. Very young people should be kept away. Lock up small pets and aged parents.

Savage Love Cover

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  1. Hilarious! I shall hunt down the web site to listen as I believe I am safely within the parameters of very young and very old.

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