Jan 232014

Okay, I have no idea what this is and where it comes from (a friend sent me the link). It’s hilarious. It has a plot. It’s a 3-minute novel. It does one of the things I love to see in a narrative: it transforms its characters. They become better, more interesting people. They learn to speak another language (and transcend). It plays knowingly with stereotypes but redeems them in that criss-cross of transformation.  It has the form of an epigram, a balanced contrast with a witty resolution. It lifts the heart on a cold, cruel morning.

If any of you know what this is (who made it, etc.), let me know. At the Vimeo site, I found a page that credited “Funny or Die, 2013, Producer: Christian Heuer.” But this is not my world, so I am a bit at a loss.

Later: My cultural inadequacies are showing. I am told this is an online-only ad for Fiat. This information does not diminish my enthusiasm.


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  1. Charming! Thanks for the smiles.

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