Dec 212013

A little tour de force of TV writing (cute, self-consciously witty, knowing, just a tad smug). But still very energetic, a great scene. Why? Because it shows the characters THINKING. The scene has a plot and it uses what I call the Device of the Third Thing; it’s a two-character scene made immensely richer by the reader/audience seeing the scene reflected periodically in the eyes of the silent man.


  One Response to “Scene/Dialogue: An Object Lesson”

  1. Great. BTW, I followed the link to the Huffington Post “dangling participle” video, and it was missing. I’d also like to say that some editors may use punctuation/grammar errors as an easy excuse to reject, but upstreet doesn’t do that. There are too many other reasons to reject–most frequently because the story is boring or incomprehensible, or both. The upstreet Editor does, indeed, edit. 🙂

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