Nov 062013

In our January, 2012, issue, NC published a play by Lynn Coady. NC’s taste seems prescient now since, last night, Lynn won the $50,000 Giller Prize in Toronto for her latest story collection Hellgoing. Click on the link to view her acceptance speech. Click below to read her hilarious play.

Okay—I think if you cross Aristophanes with Samuel Beckett or Eugene Ionesco, you might end up with something like Lynn Coady’s irreverent fringe play Mark. Or, if you cross tag-team wrestling with the Battle of the Sexes—the play actually has a club called the “slap-stick” and a very large phallus. Mark is a delight and a lovely addition to Numéro Cinq‘s growing collection of plays and screenplays, a section of the magazine that is unique as far as I can tell.

via Mark: Play — Lynn Coady » Numéro Cinq.

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  1. WOW! Huge congratulations!!!!

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