Oct 152013

Packing to go on the road again tomorrow. Ask me how much I want to get on two airplanes and fly across the continent tomorrow.

Long time NC readers will recognize the line, from a Phelps Putnam poem, my favourite line in literature, at least tonight, at this moment. A poem I return to in moments of high stress.

There’s a question for you. How many know who Phelps Putnam is? Raise your hands.


  4 Responses to “‘O Jesus, Hasbrouck, am I drunk or dead?’”

  1. Airplane flights. Horror of horrors. I can barely tolerate it anymore. What have we done with our trains? I always prefer a train.

    • I did make it to Calgary. Incredible as it may seem. And I am getting used to this part of town by the Westin (because I was here last year). I had a burger and a local amber beer at the Barley Mill pub and watched poker and baseball at the bar by myself and felt at peace. Something zen about watching guys in shades playing with their chips. First event in 2 hours. I am psyching up for the Sexual Politics panel later. Deeply concerned about what I will say on a subject about which I have no thoughts whatsoever. I will wear shades and pretend I am playing poker.

  2. I’m thrilled to hear that air travel didn’t undo you. And I suspect you had something to say….just a guess. BTW, it takes forever to get your book to the States. I’m still waiting on mine. I hope it won’t be too long. Until then, I’ll wish you another excellent airplane flight….

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