Sep 272013

Packed house, fresh chairs had to be brought in, vivid paintings all around the walls, bad lighting for photos (sorry). The first question in the aftermath was whether DG used psychotropic drugs to write the stories in Savage Love. Answer: Absolutely. (Actually, DG is a total innocent, embarrassingly so; he might as well have been a monk.) (Actually, actually, you should believe nothing DG says about anything.) Post-reading, NC writers Mark Jarman, Sharon McCartney and Gerard Beirne and Sharon’s dog Jack (among many others, and, to be absolutely precise, Jack is not an NC writer yet) adjourned to Alden Nowlan’s former home, now a student pub just off campus, where DG partook of the Barking Squirrel to assuage his shattered nerves.



  3 Responses to “The Writer-in-Residence Inaugural Reading”

  1. So enjoying your book tour!
    Thanks for the daily posts.

    • Enjoy is not the word. 🙂

      I take solace in the discovery of Barking Squirrel (product placement) beer.

      • You think you’ve got it tough. I’m running for public office here in the wee town of Greenwich, NY. This is another whole bag of an education. So, yes, where’s the beer?

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