Jul 172013

Seawrack paper cover full

Two years ago we published a set of poems from “Seawrack,” a longer poem by the prolific Canadian poet and novelist David Helwig. Now the book is out, just published by the estimable Frog Hollow Press in British Columbia as part of its Contemporary Canadian Poetry series. The cover is a gorgeous George Loewen painting. Here is what I wrote at the time about the poems we published:

The DOW is down 266 points today; America waits for the consumer to spend money so we can get out of the current crisis; the consumer won’t spend money because the debt ceiling deal promises more uncertainty about pensions, medical insurance, and jobs; it’s a merry-go-round spiraling down; and the ancient gods appear as cartoon musclemen in 3D instead of guardians and saviours. In these David Helwig poems, Lady Godiva has joined the Tea Party to protest paying taxes and money distracts us from infinities. There is, perhaps, nothing to do but write comic poems about the current situation, Post-Empire poems, in the current NC jargon of the day. These poems are taken from a 47-page long poem or group of poems called “Seawrack.”


David Helwig

Contemporary Canadian Poetry, volume 7
Poetry by David Helwig
Cover painting by George Loewen

David Helwig has written two-handed poetry: a lyrical seasonal record appears in series with a strange, discomfiting, valedictory narrative. The seasonal record is short and tight, the odd narrative explosive in subject and in emotion. Helwig has already found acclaim as a poet but this book will surprise his devoted readers and should attract new ones.

Offered in two bindings, both printed on 80 lb. Mohawk Superfine Text. Covers printer with K3 pigment inks. Typeface: Sabon, designed by Jan Tschichold. 108 pp.

Deluxe Edition: (HC) An edition of 30 numbered case-bound books, cloth-over-board; handmade Nepalese endpapers; headband.
ISBN 978-1-926948-09-6. Price $60.00.

Regular Edition: (PB) An edition of 80 numbered Smyth-sewn books with a St-Armand white cotton cover and Nepalese Lokta flyleafs.
ISBN 978-1-926948-10-2. Price $28.00.

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