Jul 172013

This is just out. Print edition of Quill & Quire in Toronto. It’s very nice but, of course, I wasn’t born under a rock. What is this constant mantra: the unknown Douglas Glover? Why is it that people can only remember that they have forgotten me? There is some deep phenomenological issue to be explored here. Or possibly a medical trend?

Re. the photo: This is one of set of photos taken during a writing class at Davidson College. I had assigned the class an exercise: write a sex scene. They were reading them out loud, hence the uncharacteristic expression of quizzical delight on my face. I learned things during that class that I never wanted to know.

All this is beside the point. You can pre-order my book at immense savings.

p.s. I like being called “scabrous.”


Quill and Quire preview of Savage Love by Douglas Glover

  3 Responses to “DG’s Savage Love in the fall preview at Quill & Quire”

  1. It has gotten to the place where if they stop calling you unknown and underrated, it will represent a decline in your reputation. I like that photo, btw.

  2. Congratulations, dg! I think Vivian’s right. Better to be a hidden gem than overexposed. It gives you an elusive, mysterious aura.

  3. An editor once told me that if you don’t write a book every two years, readers will forget you. Appalling attention spans, I say.

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