May 312013

I remember this movie, one of the first I ever saw. Another connection: My father went to Mexico for a vacation with the town doctor some time after WW 2 but before I was born. They went out for dinner, and Tyrone Power, who was in  Mexico filming, was eating at the same restaurant. Things got mixed up. My father got served Power’s meal by mistake. He went over and said, I think this is yours. I think Power invited them over, and they all sat around for a while. This was my brush with greatness. I have been trying to turn it into a story ever since.

This is a very authentic movie about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The dialogue is authentic. “The white dog has killed my brother.” “The Long Knives are as many as the pine needles in summer.” James Joyce never wrote lines like that. And the anthropological detail is obviously authentic. Even the trees look authentic. Some day they will study this movie to know how things were in early Canada.

Actually, things haven’t changed much.


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