May 302013

16 Categories of Desire

Coincidentally — never happened before — after yesterday’s affectionate review of my story “The Obituary Writer,” I found Steven Buechler’s informal (and affectionate) review/notice of my story book 16 Categories of Desire at his site The Library of the Found Inkwell. Yes, yes, a discriminating and saintly reviewer is  Steven Buechler. I love it when people quote me back to myself. I remember writing those words! I think. I was never happier.


Douglas Glover’s 16 Categories of Desire is a collection of short stories that detail where love goes; right, wrong, unknowing, confused or even weird. Although the plots of each story are wonderful, Glover writes great paragraphs to each piece that detail the emotions of the human heart that speak to the reader. (And the reader should learn from those examples to apply to their lives.)…Douglas Glover’s 16 Categories of Desire is a book about love and its passions. It is a book that any adult can learn from and maybe understand themselves  and perhaps forgive themselves a bit.

via The Library of the Found Inkwell: Review; “16 Categories of Desire” by Douglas Glover (2000), Goose Lane Edition, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

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