May 212013

1 Introduction: Why Study the New Testament?

2. From Stories to Canon

3 The Greco-Roman World

4 Judaism in the First Century

5 The New Testament as History

6 The Gospel of Mark

7 The Gospel of Matthew


8 The Gospel of Thomas

9 The Gospel of Luke

10 The Acts of the Apostles

11 Johannine Christianity: The Gospel

12 Johannine Christianity: The Letters


13 The Historical Jesus

14 Paul as Missionary

15 Paul as Pastor

16 Paul as Jewish Theologian

17 Paul’s Disciples

18 Arguing with Paul?

19 The “Household” Paul: The Pastorals


20 The “Anti-household” Paul: Thecla

21 Interpreting Scripture: Hebrews

22 Interpreting Scripture: Medieval Interpretations

23 Apocalyptic and Resistance

24 Apocalyptic and Accommodation

25 Ecclesiastical Institutions: Unity, Martyrs, and Bishops

26 The “Afterlife” of the New Testament and Postmodern Interpretation

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