May 182013

NC is endorsing Rob Ford for mayor. Wait! He already is mayor. Well we endorse him anyway. All politicians should be this interesting and hang with Somali drug dealers.

Many Americans awoke this morning to discover that (a) the mayor of Toronto is a guy named Rob Ford, and (b) Rob Ford smokes crack. Gawker reported last night that a cell-phone video clearly showing Ford lighting up a crack pipe — which was supposedly filmed within the last six months, while he was mayor — was being shopped around for six figures. Gawker’s John Cook saw the video in person with his own two eyes, as did two reporters from the Toronto Star. Ford’s lawyer calls the video “false and defamatory” and asks, hilariously, “How can you indicate what the person is actually doing or smoking?”

via 20 Things Worth Knowing About Rob Ford — Daily Intelligencer.

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