May 162013

Jacob Glover

Just a nice piece of news to share with everyone. NC Contributor Jacob Glover graduated with a BA in Combined Honours in Contemporary Studies and Classics from the University of King’s College, Halifax, Nova Scotia, this afternoon. The ceremony took place in the Great Hall of All Saints Cathedral (Anglican) and concluded with the singing of “God Save the Queen” as is surely fitting on all such occasions. It is safe to say that the young man’s father was proud; he had a lump the size of a wheelbarrow in his throat.  Jacob is working on a new piece for NC (though probably not tonight.)


  10 Responses to “NC Contributor Jacob Glover Graduated Today”

  1. Congratulations to Jacob–and his dad, of course. 🙂

  2. Congratulations to the very talented son of a contemporary classic.

  3. Happy day to you both in Halifax. So much depends upon those wheelbarrows.

  4. Congratulations to Jacob. Wonderful news. And congratulations to his proud dad.

    • Thank you all. I’m sure Jacob will be here eventually after the lengthy Halifax celebrations. As for me, well, a lovely day.

  5. Congratulations to Jacob! He has an awesome future ahead. And congrats to you too, Douglas. You’ve clearly been an amazing and supportive father.

  6. Great news and hearty congrats to him, and to dg.

  7. Aw, and here I remember your reading the fellows Huck Finn for the first time. Congratulations!

  8. Congratulations to you both!!

  9. Wonderful! Congratulations.

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