Mar 202013


The earth will tremble. Nothing short of that. The stars are in alignment. Sydney Lea once gave the best poetry reading dg has ever been privileged to witness. Three poet laureates! Not to mention that Port Dover is itself the scene of many youthful scrapes and escapades of dg’s youth which, happen the day, he may be prevailed upon to reveal at the event.

Ed. Note: Little known facts about Port Dover — In 1814 Americans came across the lake and burned the town; in retaliation Canadian and British troops went down and burned the White House (well, okay, it was mostly the British).


Douglas Glover Douglas Glover, photo by Danielle Schaub

Sydney LeaSydney Lea

John B. LeeJohn B. Lee


 Michael SchatteMichael Schatte



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  1. Just booked some tix. Looking forward to see you there.

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