Mar 102013

It’s somewhat tedious, having to replace the old fleet so quickly, but Richard Farrell’s dog Petunia destroyed the interior upholstry.


On Monday, Italian carmaker Lamborghini introduced its Veneno supercar, a 750-horsepower beast whose $3.9 million price tag immediately makes it one of the most expensive cars ever produced, putting the $2.4 million Bugatti Veyron and the McLaren F1 (a mere $1 million, although they’re tough to find) in the shade.

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  One Response to “Sneak preview of the new NC company car (for the masthead only)”

  1. Dibs on the red one. DG should have the silver. The rest of you can fight over the white one. I’m sorry, but I’ve been here since the very beginning, and that has to count for something. At 3.9 per, we probably should only get 3, at least until the economy recovers.

    P.S. Petunia found the hand-stiched leather seats so tedious. I’ll keep her out of this one, at least until the ash trays get dirty.

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