Feb 182013

Lee Rourke‘s novel The Canal (published by Melville House in the U.S.) won The UK Guardian‘s ‘Not The Booker Prize 2010’. Here is another of those great PATHOS interviews on the writing life at Full Stop.


Give one example in which you had high hopes for success (artistic, commercial, or otherwise) but had those hopes dashed.

Always. I’m never satisfied. I look at my books, everything I’ve written and think: is this it? Is this all I’m capable of? Is this all it’s going to bring me? But that’s only normal, right?

Do you feel like the world owes you a chance to make a living as a writer?

The world owes me nothing. The world is indifferent to me, it feels nothing for me. I am merely attempting to secure some sort of foothold on the sheer cliff face up to its sumptuous plateaus.

via Pathos: Lee Rourke | Full Stop.

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