Feb 112013

Soon we’ll be relegated to a backwater transhipment point. The only jobs will be shifting boxes for someone else. We’ll do nothing but watch FOX-News and Kim Kardashian reruns and eat Freedom Fries. Will we be happy? Hell yes.

China has leapfrogged the US to become the world’s biggest trading nation, bringing an end to the US’s post-war dominance of global commerce. The total value of US exports and imports in 2012 was $3.82 trillion (£2.4 trillion), the US Commerce Department has revealed. China’s customs administration has already announced that the country’s total trade last year was worth $3.87 trillion.

via China trade now bigger than US – Telegraph.

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  1. I saw a tabloid headline this weekend, saying that Kim Kardashian (or maybe one of her sisters, who can tell?) had filed for an “emergency divorce.” Can someone enlighten me as to what an emergency divorce is?

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