Feb 012013

NC Contributor Tiara Winter-Schorr’s “Childhood” essay, in the January issue, has been featured on the Utne Reader Altwire site. Congratulations, Tiara. Break out the Talisker, Rich.

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New Year’s Day, the beginning of Numéro Cinq‘s fourth year of publication — we have a lovely example of a set essay, a beautiful, poignant, shocking evocation of a Manhattan childhood from Tiara Winter-Schorr. NC publishes three set essays: Childhood, What It’s Like Living Here and My First Job. And by set essay, I mean an essay written to our guidelines, not exactly free form (though, of course, in the hands of a terrific writer the set essay always departs in imaginative ways from its guideline roots). We have had some wonderful results from this project. See the slider at the top of the page for more stellar examples of the Childhood series

via Childhood — Tiara Winter-Schorr – Utne Altwire.

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  1. thanks, Douglas 🙂

  2. Wonderful! Congratulations, Tiara. I really enjoyed your piece.

  3. Really nice piece of writing. Congratulations!

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