Jan 202013

NC wishes we were not all genetically related to these people. Really, what is wrong with the human race? Even worse! One of them is Canadian!

And despite recently going on welfare, it seems that cash-strapped Octomom is once again taking to the stage and pole.

According to sources who told TMZ, the single mother, 38, has signed a deal with a Florida strip club to appear topless on stage.

via More humiliation for Octomom as bankrupt Nadya Suleman ‘signs on to strip topless AGAIN at Miami club’ | Mail Online.


Justin Bieber’s been caught with his pants down.

The newly single 18-year-old posted a revealing photo of him mooning on his Instagram on Saturday, then quickly deleted it.

No different from the antics of most boys his age, of course, but before the Biebs could think twice about his revealing snap… the image had been liked 86,000 times.

via Justin Bieber posts picture of his bare bum then deletes it… but not before it’s liked 86,000 times | Mail Online.

  One Response to “Even more reasons not to mourn the eventual extinction of the human race”

  1. Maybe trying to recreate Neanderthals isn’t such a bad idea after all!

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