Sep 282012

Here’s a poem by D. H. Lawrence called “Kissing and Horrid Strife.” I suspect fiction and nonfiction prose writers will turn a blind eye, but they would be wrong and self-defeating to do so. The Ur-essay behind all my teaching and writing is called “The Novel is a Poem” (in my book Notes Home from a Prodigal Son). You need to be able to see that repetition and patterning informs all successful writing; repetition is the art in writing. So take a look and compare this reading with the others I have posted here.


Lawrence – Kissing & Horrid Strife w comments

  3 Responses to “How To Read Like A Writer (Again!) — Douglas Glover”

  1. Wow – well done, Doug. I try to convince my fiction students that they should study poetry carefully to see fiction tools used under more compression…next time, I’ll point them to this close analysis. Thanks.

  2. I liked the punchline, title; it made me laugh out loud when I got to -into- it in the poem.

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