Aug 132012


This is a hoot, a little light music on a summer’s day. Jonah is going to university in the fall; it is the hour of remembering; my mind keeps harking back to the wonderful times we’ve had over the past eighteen years. I was listening to his music the other night and rediscovered this gem, what we always used to call, simply, “The French Song.” He wrote it as a class assignment for 9th Grade French. His teacher was speechless. Jonah composed the music. He recorded the percussion tracks and background synth on an Electribe, then played the lead synth on a MicroKORG (Electribes and MicroKORGs are synthesizers made by Korg), and loaded both onto his computer. Jacob, the family linguist, co-wrote the lyrics and provided the French grammar and vocabulary expertise. The violet ox was a class meme. Jonah sang the words, but Jacob assisted with the deeper, spoken parts. The whole thing has a European lilt and a lovely irony and it lifts my heart. It came out of nowhere.


  9 Responses to “Bonjour & the Violet Ox: The French Song — Jonah & Jacob Glover”


  2. Great-how fun. Turn it up loud – especially the first section.

  3. Cute and talented kid, Doug! You must be very proud.

  4. Talent and playfulness – an unbeatable combo. And, yes, this is a hoot! Thanks for making my afternoon smile.

  5. Oh, this made my heart smile! Such a treat to see your son’s genius. I want The French Song on my playlist.

  6. Precious. Wonderful life span moment – time suspended in sound and rhythm. Thank you… with a smile.

  7. I love this upbeat, playful song! And the video of Jonah using the equipment is terrific!

    Douglas, this is such a poignant time. I remember how sad and nostalgic I got when my youngest daughter left for university.

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