May 022011


Egypt After the Revolution:

Photographs by Natalia Sarkissian

Recently I flew to Cairo, an exhilarating yet draining trip to that sprawling city that covers 214 square kilometers of desert and teems with 15 million inhabitants. Then to smaller cities along the banks of the Nile, from Assuan to Luxor.

Here are snapshots of Egypt, where amidst the crumbling buildings and poverty and the weight of daily life, hope for a more equitable future grows.

Tahrir Square

Mubarak’s National Democratic Party Headquarters, Tahrir Square

Mosque of El Rifa’i near the Citadel, 19th century

Boy, working Cairo

Boy, working II, Giza

Boy, working III, Assuan

Boy, sightseeing

Getting about




Shopping, the souk

At the butcher’s, Assuan

Furniture shop

Vegetable Market

The Mall

Selling Mint, Cairo souk

Selling tea

The drag, with scarves, Assuan

To the ballroom in Heliopolis


To the sun

–by Natalia Sarkissian

  11 Responses to “Egypt After the Revolution: Photographs — Natalia Sarkissian”

  1. Natalia, thanks for posting these photos. They’re phenomenal. I also appreciate the perspective of taking of photos of people taking photos … looking not only at objects themselves but at how and what others also observe. A really neat take.

    • This view was taken from inside the Egyptian Museum grounds. Egyptians file in all day to stand in front of the National Democratic Party Headquarters and take pictures, many with fists raised. It’s their ground zero (hundreds of people died during the uprising).

  2. Yes, thanks, thanks. The personal angle livens the story.

  3. Wow, these are fascinating, Natalia! And tell quite a story too.

  4. Thank you!

  5. Thanks for posting this view of a country in transition. I am particularly fascinated by the apartment building at the top of your post. Great shot!

  6. Very nice…it’s amazing that so much has happened there in such a short period of time. It must have been an amazing journey. Thanks for sharing these.

  7. What a trip that must have been. Amazing to see these peaceful photos after the world watched the revolution. May that businessman stay safe.

  8. I love these pictures! They brought back memories of living in Cairo in 1965-66. So strange to see the mall, but so much else was the same. Thank you, Nat. Such an eye you have.

  9. These are amazing and (appear to) capture the full picture. What an eye you have.

  10. These are incredible photographs, so rich & varied & detailed & filled with humanity & connection.

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