Mar 132011

Juan Jose Saer

“Many years later he will understand, from the overwhelming evidence, that the so-called human soul never had, or will ever have, what they call substance or essence, that what they call character, style, personality, are nothing but senseless replications, and that their own subject–the body where they manifest–is the one most starved of their nature, that what others call life is a series of a posteriori recognitions of the places where a blind, incomprehensible, ceaseless drift deposits, in spite of themselves, the eminent individuals who, after having been dragged through it, begin to elaborate systems that pretend to explain it; but for now, having just turned twenty, he still believes that problems have solutions, situations outcomes, individuals personality, and actions logic.”  –Juan Jose Saer, The Sixty-Five Years of Washington.

-Quotes brought to you by Rich Farrell, with the help of his exhausted, post-half-marathon-running wife, who read the sentence to him while he typed it.  All errors are hers.

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