Dec 022010

I can’t possibly make fun of this. I just have to let it stand on its own. But it somehow belongs at NC.


The circumstances of Toronto’s 59th homicide of the year don’t fit the profile of a typical slaying. Not the apparent age of the victim (middle-aged), nor the location (inside a busy public library), or the time of day (late afternoon).

But the strangest detail of all was the weapon used: a crossbow.

via Man killed in library with crossbow – The Globe and Mail.

  5 Responses to “Man killed in library with crossbow – The Globe and Mail”

  1. I also love the comment in the story, “that’s not nice at all.”

  2. The movie “Leaves of Grass” makes clever use of death by crossbow, but the setting was not nearly so interesting as a public library. As they say, you can’t make this shit up.

  3. Pity poor Canada. Not enough handguns.

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