Nov 222010

From Mairéad Byrne’s blog Heaven. Byrne is an Irish writer who immigrated to the United States in 1994 “for reasons of poetry.”



I love my frontloading bra because I feel like a gunslinger when I put it on. I feel like a sheriff or a plain clothes tv cop, strapping on his gun in the small hours. I always thought being a single mother was a sort of desperado activity. Especially a single mother in academia. Bo Diddly! Like I’ve always thought being an emigrant was like being Clint Eastwood. That time I was Clint Eastwood. Mamma Mia! Being a poet is a lot like being Clint Eastwood. Yessirree Bob. Being a poet is a lot like being a single mother and an emigrant and a poet combined. Bo diddly mamma mia yessirree bob. At least the sort of poet I am. Yee-haw!

via Heaven.

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  1. Mairead teaches at RISD and was the poet fellow the year I was the fiction fellow in Rhode Island. Every day for a year, she wrote a poem about how the sun looked on the State House in Providence. She is an amazing poet.

  2. I love this!

  3. Thanks for this! It made me laugh.

  4. Mamma mia, che buffo!!!!

  5. This is a poem to recite every morning in the shower!

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