Oct 112010

No poem is intended for the reader, no picture for the beholder, no symphony for the listener.

Walter Benjamin

via The Act of Creation and Its Artifact « Essay  by Gilbert Sorrentino « ReadySteadyBook – a literary site.

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  1. Thanks very much for this, DG. The process vs. product conflict is one of my primary obsessions. 🙂

  2. Perhaps it should be a Forum topic, in fact. The question lies at the heart of what a teacher of writing (or any other creative endeavor) should be doing–critiquing the product, or fostering the process. Often one directly interferes with the other.

  3. I’m leaving on the 14th for a two-week trip–to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando with my grandchildren, among other things–and will figure out how to start a Forum discussion when I get back.

  4. This is now a Forum topic. To join the conversation, go here: http://numerocinq.lefora.com/

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