Oct 102010

The most beautiful death

Brave New World novelist Aldous Huxley was diagnosed with cancer in 1960, at which point his health slowly began to deteriorate. On his deathbed in November of 1963, just as he was passing away, Aldous – a man who for many years had been fascinated with the effects of psychedelic drugs since being introduced to mescaline in 1953 – asked his wife Laura to administer him with LSD. She agreed.

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  1. Appropos of nothing really about this post, except for Huxley, I was pleasantly surprised to see a woman reading “Brave New World” today at my daughter’s swim meet. I’m a book-reading voyeur, always peeping under covers, hoping to see something inspiring. It rarely happens. Trashy novels abound. But a woman reading Huxley…that was a nice sight.

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