May 272010

Ferocious, blood-thirsty, fearless, foolhardy--the walking definition

Dg’s cat Hobbes has slaughtered three chipmunks in the past two days. The last appeared at the back door this morning at about 8:30 a.m. Hobbes was still batting at the body, trying to get it to play. Then at about 9 a.m., dg was roused from a blissful nap (er, writing session, er, oh, right, I was doing packets) by Jacob’s shouts from the kitchen. Hobbes and a fox were crouched and staring at each other in the tall grass (lawn mower malfunction). The fox took off, and Hobbes shot into the house, looking twice his normal size, breathing hard. This has nothing to do with writing, I am aware of that, but dg thought you should all know what a War Zone he lives in with bodies piling up and blood everywhere.


  3 Responses to “Blood Sports & Near Death Experiences”

  1. Is this post metaphorical? 🙂
    I have a long post coming today. I’m not entirely sure how you do the ‘split page’ thing, but I’ll try. Sorry I’ve been off the blog, but we’ve had a slew of house guests and some family travel, and oh, that pesky packet thing. I vow to take advantage of my final few weeks of NC membership!

    • Allegorical, I think. Hobbes stands for me; the chipmunks are my students; the fox? I dunno.

      Yes, post something!


  2. It’s amazing you’re alive, really.

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