Feb 012010

We advisees have grown very quiet on this page of late.  I’m in the midst of some final editing right now (well, I’ve walked away from it for a moment) and thought I’d add my comments from the weekend.  Spent large chunks of time Saturday and Sunday at the University of San Diego Law Library.  I tried their undergraduate library too, but it was louder than hell.  I was surprised by how many people were on their phones or just engaged in loud conversations.  Maybe I’m just getting old.  The law library was much more quiet.  They post signs forbidding phone use and talking but permit food and drinks, so it’s beocme the new go-to.  I get very little done in my house.  Too many distractions.

I’ve been reading Francine Prose’s book, Reading Like a Writer.   I find it a bit tedious at times, but she has some great things to say about reading.  I also picked up the Best American Poetry anthology and I’m looking forward to reading some of that once the packet is in the mail.  With Doug’s postings on Lish and Shklovsky, I’m tempted to try to read Francois Cusset’s French Theory, a book I purchased last year and which has been gathering dust ever since.  (My daughter and I are flying to Amstredam next week for her swim meet…I’ll have a lot of time to read.)  I should get back to my editing and printing.   Hope to be more active on this sight in a day or two.

—Richard Farrell

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  1. I just put my packet in the outgoing mail, so I’ll be a bit more active on here at least for the next 3 weeks. How’s everybody else coming? I feel a bit like the child-bride of the harem.

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