Oct 182016


We’ve had so much great news to share lately that it’s hard to keep up, so we’re a little past due in announcing that Marilyn McCabe has a new book out from The Word Works titled Glass Factory.  McCabe is a poet, translator, singer, and regular contributor to Numéro Cinq, and we’re so excited to get our hands on her latest collection.



Here’s a teaser poem, which she turned into a video poem that was featured on WMHT’s TVFilm series:


The dark is shifting almost imperceptibly

toward you. I know that much
of endings. As usual I’m mistaken,
though, about what’s moving.
Not the dark onward but you
and I falling toward it, and sometimes
it is beautiful, fanned in flame,
and some days, as today, obscure.
Hymn so cautious will lead you
humming. I hope.
—Marilyn McCabe

Get your copy of Glass Factory through The Word Works or Small Press Distribution. For more from Marilyn McCabe, check out her many NC contributions at Archive Page here.


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