Sep 172016

Douglas Glover photo

Left the NC Bunker today to check out the Tunbridge Fair. Was persuaded against better judgement to go on rides. First took pictures of this thing, which I think of as The Claw, and then rode on it. Feel much better now. But cannot write complete sentences yet.

Douglas Glover photo

Then I went on another very fast whirling gyroscopic orgasmomegatron ride (which I did not photograph) and with four tickets left got onto the Zero Gravity machine with Matt Monk (dg dressed in dark clothing, Matt in white). I recall Matt saying, as we entered the big kids’ ride enclosure, “Now the shit gets real!” Needless to say someone else took these pictures.




What you see here are the faces of men who have faced Death in the Zero Gravity ride (along with 12 small children).


  8 Responses to “Out & Back: Zero Gravity”

  1. Stopped riding midway rides about thirty years ago when I had a sudden image of what could happen to my spinal cord if the chains sprung loose on the carousel and my hapless, zero-gravity body flew only to be stopped by the unyielding asphalt. Did not relish the image, no, I did not.

  2. Glad you lived to tell the tale!

  3. I love the Tunbridge WORLD’S Fair! Wish I could have come along…but I WOULD NOT have gone on those rides with you. Did you see the demolition derby? Eat maple creamies? See giant pumpkins? Visit the printing shop? Visit the pigs?!

  4. Aw man, wish I knew you were going! I would have loved to see you there!

  5. The “Out and Back” adventures are always a highlight of NC, Doug. Vicarious living from our own bunkers…writers on the loose, getting grease (or worse) on their clothes. Love it!

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