Sep 152016


It took Mary Brindley seven minutes to email me about the editorial assistant job when I posted it the other day. It seems like a perfect fit, and God knows I need an assistant, someone as smart, genial, and meticulous as Mary is. She’ll be taking over some of the day to day correspondence for me as well as doing some background maintenance on the site and many other things, which I haven’t thought of yet. Coincidentally, she has an essay coming out in our next issue (October). Watch for it!


Mary Brindley is a Vermont-born copywriter living in Boston. A recent graduate of the Vermont College of Fine Arts, she writes creative nonfiction, performs improv, and is about to move to London.

  2 Responses to “Mary Brindley Joining the NC Masthead as Assistant to the Editor”

  1. Congratulations Mary! And congratulations to you too Doug, for creating a dynamic magazine that continues to grow in scope and quality.

  2. Congratulations, Mary! What a great pick

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