May 232016


Okay, this is one of those, you know, things that come out of the blue. Tom Greene, VCFA’s president, called me from his car this morning to tell me they had launched a new Vermont College of Fine Arts Artists Development Fund based on a $1 million donation from the Martin Foundation. Part of the fund, a fund within the fund for writers, authors, and publishers, is named after me.

Douglas Glover Fund

The announcement just went up on Friday. You can find the relevant VCFA web page here. And you can download Artists Development Fund brochure here.

Naturally, I am nonplussed, amazed, bemused, and touched. I am grateful to the Martin Foundation for singling me out like this. It’s a terrific honour. I hope the fund inspires and supports many, many great writers in the future.

There is, of course, backstory here. But so far the donor wishes to remain anonymous, and I won’t blab.



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  1. Such great news and an honor to be sure.

  2. Congratulations!

  3. Well deserved. Congratulations!

  4. How exciting!! Congratulations!!!

  5. Very cool, DG–and well deserved.

  6. This is wonderful. And the naming of the fund after you is well-deserved. I am only one of the myriad students who benefited from your extraordinary perception into the way literature works. I will always be grateful for your persistent efforts on my behalf as your student, and now, as a friend. I am so grateful that VCFA has found the perfect way to honor you.

  7. Actually this doesn’t come out of the blue, Doug! Its source: the immense quantity of good writing you’ve done yourself, AND your intensive, dedicated work in encouraging other writers. Many many other writers! Congratulations — well deserved

  8. Doug, I am as happy as can be that such an honor has come your way– and to VCFA. Thanks for all you do.


  9. That is marvellous!!

  10. That’s great! Good news all around. Congratulations!

  11. Let me add my name to the list of others who send congratulations. Money for the arts and artists is always cause for celebration.

  12. Bravo, Doug!

  13. Congratulations, Doug! I still rely on your lessons as I move through time in my stories. Your teaching has stayed with me all these years. Well-deserved, my friend. Marie

  14. Wonderful news, Doug! such an honor, and well-deserved.

  15. Congrats!!!!!!

  16. I’m delighted to hear this! Congratulations, dg!

  17. Very happy for you, Douglas!

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