Jan 242016

Nowick Gray

Yet another lost soul has found the truth path and joined the serried ranks of the ungainfully employed at Numéro Cinq. Today we welcome Nowick Gray into the fold. May he find all that his heart desires here and not collapse under the workload.

Nowick has been part of the NC community for years now. He came up and introduced himself at my reading in Victoria a year ago last November. So he knows and appreciates the magazine. I very much like finding people from the community who want to ascend to the inner circle because they love the place and want to help us out.


Nowick Gray writes fiction, essays and creative nonfiction that likes to bend boundaries and confound categories. He also works as a freelance copy editor and enjoys playing African drums. Having survived American suburbs, the Quebec Arctic and the BC wilderness, Nowick is now based in Victoria, frequenting tropical locations in winter months.

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