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SevernSevern Thompson, a.k.a. Elle

Severn emailed me last night after dress rehearsal to say it went really well. Each iteration of the play builds on the rest. Last night was the first time with an audience, small, yes. A dress rehearsal.

Also yesterday Now ran a small piece on Severn and the play. The writer made a nice nod to my joke about Elle’s boyfriend being a tennis pro (in 1542).

Severn is quoted as saying:

“The book brought to life an early chapter of Canadian history. From the start I saw it as a staged piece, since the character expresses herself in a contemporary way that I could relate to,” Thompson says. “She might not be much more than a sidebar in history, but in this story she’s constantly saying, ‘Look at me, be aware that I exist.’

Yes, that was the point. Severn has consistently been one of my best readers.

Read the rest of the interview @Now.









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Elle by Douglas Glover

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  1. A terrific book and a spectacular production at TPM! Congrats to you both. SO lovely.

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