May 152015

I dunno. I clicked a button because WordPress wanted me to upgrade. Everything looked good. Then WordPress demanded that I upgrade the database. This mystified me, but I am trusting, gullible and naive in the extreme. You all know this about me. You all wonder why I am the one in charge.

First we got a beautiful error message saying there was an internal server error. And, though the site was up, with menus and buttons down the side, there was no content, just an error message.

With the help of tech support, I tried to revert to before the upgrade. Briefly, there was a window of hope. The site came up. One plugin did not seem to be working. I went to the gym to decompress.

When I came back, the page was blank, as it has remained since. Apparently, there is NO CONTENT. I mean I used the FTP access to look and the content folder was empty. I am now uploading what I hope is a complete backup folder, all the text, formatting and images.

If this doesn’t work, well, it could be the end of a beautiful thing. Who could know how fragile a thing it is?

In the morning, we’ll see where we are. Currently, some of the site is back online, but I don’t trust it, and none of the plugins are working.


  9 Responses to “The End of the World as We Know It, or Catastrophic Failure at NC”

  1. Oh no. So sorry, Doug.

    • Thanks, Jane. A little adventure. Seems like my insanely anal attention to backing things up has worked out.

  2. Oh no…I just began reading your magazine. Fingers crossed. Eyes, too.

  3. Everything seems fine, now. Fun times ahead.

  4. WTF! Cannot BE.

    • Thanks, Nance. Did you see the completely blank white screen we had for a while? Exciting. I think I’m getting the whole site back though.

    • And actually if you all check whatever and whenever you can and let me know if you find missing elements. Just comment here, I’ll keep checking. That would be a great help.

  5. Scary. Relieved to hear you could resolve it. Got me thinking about printing presses, and if anyone ever dropped and scrambled the carefully laid out individual letters.

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