Dec 142014

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For your Sunday morning delectation, along with coffee, croissants and the crossword, you can follow the link below (or click the image) to a page containing two lectures I gave at Vermont College of Fine Arts on reading. Like a broken record, I am always saying that 80% of what I teach when I teach writing is how to read (and to write about what you read). I have twice lectured at VCFA on reading and managed to record both for a possible future essay. Go to the page, and you’ll find the recordings plus all sorts of amusing goodies (um, lecture handouts) including some hilarious examples of VERY BAD readings, a marked up reading copy of Elizabeth Tallent’s little story “No One’s a Mystery,” a reading rubric I give to students, and a 90-page pdf of excerpts from my letters two students on reading (evidence of a deeply compulsive personality).

For my money, the first lecture is more fun (it has the bad examples). The second lecture is rather more pointed at students in the program who are struggling with their critical papers.


The lectures are here! 





  2 Responses to “The Tao of Reading — Two Douglas Glover Lectures”

  1. DG:
    These are extraordinary, they feel like gifts.
    I’m understanding now that my learning will not stop with getting my MFA in the spring. I am still a student, returning again and again to the basics.

    Thanks for being such a generous teacher, although we’ve only met briefly.

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